Top Omega 3 Fish Oil Benefits

Fish has a fatty acid called omega 3. These are referred to as good fats because they have been found to help limit the risks of heat disorders. The human body can get omega 3 fish oil benefits since it cannot process this type of fatty acid. That is why omega 3 supplements have been developed and marketed for human consumption.

Below are some omega 3 fish oil benefits:

Helps improve cardiovascular health. You can improve and protect your cardiovascular health by regularly adding fish and fish oil in your diet. Omega 3 fish oil benefits the heart and blood by lowering the risk of high blood pressure and cholesterol levels. It also prevents atherosclerosis, corrects abnormal heartbeats, and lowers triglyceride levels in the blood.

Helps promote healthy joints. Omega 3 is highly beneficial to women when it comes to improving healthy joints. Omega 3 helps alleviate join pains and inflammation, and morning stiffness and tenderness due to rheumatoid arthritis. Studies show that a high omega 3 diet is often beneficial to those with inflammatory disorders.

Promotes good eye health. There are two specific omega 3 fish oil benefits to your eye’s health – reduced risk of dry eye syndrome and inhibited development of macular degeneration.

Helps improve your hair. If you have falling or thin hair, you should take omega 3. Having enough omega 3 in your diet can help promote thicker, shiny hair.

Promotes healthy skin. Taking fish oil can help delay the development of wrinkles, as well as the aging process. It also limits skin damage and reduces the effects of UV rays. Fish oil helps in maintaining healthy, supple skin, and in regulating cellular function.

Improves cognitive function. The long-term cognitive and behavioral function also obtain omega 3 fish oil benefits. It also helps in promoting normal growth and development. Studies show that fish oils help maintain sufficient cognitive functioning, delays and prevents the onset of dementia. Pregnant women are advised to take sufficient amounts of DHA for improved fetal development. Other studies show that omega 3 fish oils also help in improving the learning, reading, concentration and vocabulary skills of children.

There are many more omega 3 fish oil benefits that have been proven. The benefits of omega 3 in humans are still being studied and proven today.