Cod Liver Oil Omega 3 – What You Need To Know

For years, cod liver oil has been studied for its many benefits and it existed in the market as one of the most popular form of omega 3 fish oil supplement. Codfish is usually found in the northern Atlantic ocean. To get the pale yellow oil, the livers are steamed after extracting from the fish. Cod liver oil omega 3 is high in fatty acids, vitamins A, D and E, calcium, DHA and EPA.

Omega 3 cod liver oil was used in the early days to prevent rickets, vitamin deficiencies, and bone deformities in children. Even today, cod liver oil is regarded as a complete nutritional supplement since it is packed with nutritional elements.

Cod liver oil omega 3 fatty acids are necessary for nutrition. These acids contain anti-inflammatory properties which help maintain body functions. Fatty acids help improve brain function, prevent allergies, alleviate asthma and arthritis, and improve learning and bipolar disorders. They also help sustain the health of the heart and digestive system.

Compared to other fish oils, cod liver oil omega 3 has high levels of vitamin A. Cod oil’s vitamin A content helps in promoting resistance to viral and bacterial infections, maintains healthy immune system and skin, improves eyesight, and strengthens the digestive tract and mucous lining.

Cod liver oil is rich in vitamin D which helps maintain healthy skin, bones, hair and teeth. It can help regulate blood sugar levels, prevent type II diabetes, lower the risk of autoimmune diseases, and many others. There were cases that children were given cod liver oil to prevent and treat rickets. It also helps in improving blood pressure, osteoporosis, prostate and breast cancers, and in increasing the body’s anti-carcinogenic activities. Vitamin D and other cod liver oil omega 3 components help improve the immune system.

DHA is an essential fatty acid in cod liver oil that helps in improving the eyesight, nervous system as well as the skin. It can also help prevent post-partum depression and promotes fetal health.

EPA is another type of fatty acid. This type of fatty acid decreases inflammation and improves the functions of the cardiovascular system.