How to start a weight loss program using a fruit juice diet

One of the most serious health concerns that affects many people today is obesity. As consumers eat or drink food with lots of carbohydrate and high-fructose corn syrup, they become heavier and get confronted with bad health issues like diabetes. One approach that some individuals try is the fruit juice diet for weight loss.If your plan to shedding excess weight starts using the fruit juice diet, know some facts first. First, the fruit juice diet is not the whole diet program since it is incomplete;basic nutrients like protein, fat and carbohydrates are necessary for health. A fruit juice diet is only good for a couple of days to eliminate toxins in the body. Some people also believe that fruit juice diet can make your skin clearer.

It is highly preferred to extract juice using only fresh fruits rather than buying packaged juice that contains preservatives.Fresh fruit juice does not contain any additives so essential nutrient like vitamins are still intact. If in case you start on a grapefruit fruit juice diet, be wary because grapefruit has effects on medications. Grapefruit contains enzymes that makes some medications stay longer in the body.The Mayo clinic advises people on prescription drugs like calcium channel blockers, antihistamines, anti-depressants, and statins to avoid grapefruit juice diet. A person who is fond of citrus fruits must seek the advise of a doctor when taking medications. In case there’s no problem in you case, check this fruit juice diet recipe:

No hunger diet

* 4 medium carrots

* 2 stalks of celery, leaves and all

* 1 handful of parsley

* 4 leaves of baby spinach

* 1 dash of tobasco

A blender must be used to mix all the ingredients.Always pick the freshest fruits in the market. Consume an average of six to eight glasses of fruit juice a day. It is possible to have some light meals as long as you eat less than 1500 calories a day. In case you get constipated, just add two teaspoon Epsom salt in plain water to relieve you. Expect to feel light-headed and dizzy when following a low calorie diet. Preferably, do this fruit juice diet when you are just at home and not working. It does take time to get used to this diet that can lead you to effective weight loss.