Five real juicy facts behind noni fruit juice

Noni fruit juice has been consumed by millions of people many years ago. It is so popular that even some people you know maybe using it. What is noni juice and why is it that popular? Usually, the Tahitian noni plant produces the best noni fruit juice. It’s scientific name is morinda citrifolia;yet, it is also termed as great morinda, Indian mulberry, mengkudu and noni among others. The fruit belongs to a tree in the coffee family.

Noni fruit juice has been popular because it provides numerous health benefits. Vit C, Vit A, potassium, niacin,calcium and sodium are just some of the nutrients in noni fruit juice. Addditionally, there are 17 minerals and 18 amino acids found in the noni fruit that can complement a healthy lifestyle. Hundreds of years ago, Aztec cultures have drank noni fruit juice since they know how good it is for the body.

Check these top five reasons why a noni fruit juice habit can be good for the body:

1. Noni fruit juice truly promotes good digestion; likewise, it can prevent diarrhea, purge worms, cure food poisoning, lessen menstrual cramps, etc.

2. The Tahitian noni fruit juice has xeronine. High levels of proxeronine are found in noni fruit juice, this enzyme helps in converting alkaloid xeronine. Some studies made by the University of Hawaii revealed that proxeronine is converted efficiently, it can address some health conditions like hypertension, arthritis, and even gastric ulcers. It works best when taken on an empty stomach.

3. The noni fruit can relieve different kinds of body pain. A study made at the University of Metz in France asserts that noni fruit can perform the function of an analgesic. Noni fruit juice can act as an effective pain reliever which can be effectively used for menstrual cramps.

4. Noni fruit juice can assist people with diabetes to control blood sugar. This is possible because the fruit juice regulates the functions of the pancreas.

5. Tahitian noni fruit juice can be good for the skin. In some areas, the noni leaves were applied for skin diseases; yet, drinking Tahitian noni fruit juice can also enhance the skin condition due to the antioxidants it contains.

Truly, if one wants to have improve the quality of their health, drinking noni fruit juice should be a habit.