Fight free radicals with acai fruit juice antioxidants

For quite some time now, acai fruit juice has been widely advertised using many promotional campaigns. Because of such promotions, a lot of people drink acai fruit juice because they want to get healthy. The good news is that acai berry fruit juice does provide numerous health benefits.

Basically, it promotes better digestion since it has high fiber content. Second, it can also help you shed extra weight along with a good exercise program and right diet. Drinking acai fruit juice or supplement by itself does not result to weight loss as claimed by advertisements. Nevertheless, acai fruit juice excels when it comes to supplying the body with antioxidants. Be guided by the following discussion on how acai fruit juice protects your health.

The villain free radicals and acai fruit juice

The only way to value the crucial role that anti-oxidants play in our bodies is to know the damage that free radicals cause to the body. Free radicals are actually atoms that reacts with other molecules once oxygen is present. There are many factors such as stress and pollution that can produce free radicals within us. Sadly, when these free radicals interact with other molecules,it is almost unstoppable. The main concern in free radicals is the damage that they can cause to healthy cells or even DNA. The consequences are grim- cells become sick or they simply die. When cells have been damaged, cancer is not an improbability. Potent anti-oxidants like anthocyanins and flavanoids are found in acai fruit juice. It also contains high levels of Vitamin E and C which are good anti-oxidants.

Berries like grapes or plums have blue pigments as caused by anthocyanins. As anti-oxidants, they suppress the spread of free radicals by ending the chain reaction in molecules. The effect is further amplified by vitamins that seek and destroy free radicals.

A few glasses of acai fruit juice daily is very advantageous in protecting the cells from dying or damage.

Too much stress, fatigue, and inadequate rest can surely make the body prone to sickness. Acai fruit juice definitely helps in boosting the immune system. Also, it enhances other functions such as digestion due to the fiber content. Indeed, a glass of acai fruit juice a day can take all worries away.