Choosing which type of fruit juice machine suits you

There are various types of fruit juice machine that are offered in stores nowadays. Normally ,a fruit juice machine is used by health conscious people who only want natural fruit extract. There are health concious individuals who would not settle for anything that has been produced artificially since they want real nutrients. As a result, these individuals would utilize a fruit juice machine on their own. They simply refrigerate the juice which can be consumed within a day or two. This healthy habit supplies them with essential nutrients which can act as antioxidants or provide vitamins C to the body. The following description about basic types of fruit juice machine can enlighten you:

Centrifugal Juicer The most frequently bought fruit juice machine by many people. These machines are often outfitted with a sharp circular shredder disc which rotates at high-speed that finely shreds fruits and vegetables. A constant pressure caused by the speed pushes the liquid through a filter that separates the solids from the juice. The juice flows until it drips into a container ; people then drink the juice. Among the other fruit juice machine types, this one is the least expensive. It also works fast because it takes less than a minute to produce fresh fruit juice good for three persons.

Masticating or Single-Type Juicer

The main difference of this fruit juice machine from centrifugal type is that it employs a single gear to crush the fruit’s fibers rather than shred it to pieces. This process maybe slower than centrifugal but is presents a distinct advantage-enzymes and other essential nutrients are conserved in the juice. Because of that, the juice has all the nutrients and important enzymes needed for good health. Since, this is done in a slower way, there is less heat involved which ensures you of vitamin rich infused juice. Having said that, you must be willing to spend more for this masticating fruit juice machine.

Steam fruit juice machine -It is similar to a common stainless pot that extracts juice by steaming the fruits or vegetables on the steamer basket. The center juice container receives all the juice that seeps out from the raw produce.

Indeed, having fresh fruit juice can be done in many ways using any of these fruit juice machine. It is up to you to decide which fruit juice machine fits your needs and your budget.