For The Fight Against Free Radicals Use The Best Antioxidant Vitamins

There are many supplements that an individual can take to maintain the health of any particular bodily function or to enhance the natural process that takes place. For example, an individual may choose to take various herbs, such as Arjuna, to decrease the level of their LDL or bad cholesterol.

Another method in which an individual may choose to aid a normal bodily function is through the taking of antioxidant vitamins and minerals to aid in the antioxidant process. Therefore, if considering the use of an antioxidant vitamin supplement regimen to aid in the antioxidant process, it is important to know what the antioxidant process is and what the best antioxidant vitamin is in aiding this natural bodily function.

What Is The Antioxidant Process?

First of all when talking about antioxidants it is important to know what the oxidation process is. The oxidation process taking place within the body is a normal and extremely important bodily function. This is because the oxidation process utilizes the oxygen within the bloodstream and the various nutrients to create energy. Therefore, it is labeled as the oxidation process.

However, as with the burning of any fuel, there are waste materials that are created. For example if the automobile utilizes fossil fuel, there are byproducts created that result from the burning of this fuel. One particular byproduct that is created when fossil fuel is burned is carbon monoxide. In addition, this carbon monoxide is released into the air and can damage the environment.

The same is true with the oxidation process as there are certain byproducts that are released into the bloodstream as a result of the oxidation mechanism. Those byproducts are known as free radicals.

When these free radicals are released into the bloodstream they then attack other molecules in an effort to utilize the electrons within these molecules. Subsequently, these free radicals, when they attack other molecules, create damage which in turn can cause other organs of the body to suffer. Specifically, free radicals can cause heart, liver and brain disease.

Normally the body is able to handle all of these free radicals and neutralize them with in the blood stream. However, as the body ages or there are other free radicals introduced into the body then there can be a flood of free radicals and the body is not able to hold up against that flooding. Examples of free radicals introduced into the body from other sources could include pollutants from the air, the use of tobacco products or the abuse of alcohol.

What Is The Best Antioxidant Vitamin To Utilize?

Subsequently, it may prove beneficial to the individual to take supplements that help in the neutralizing of these free radicals. This can be accomplished by taking antioxidant vitamins. Generally these antioxidant vitamins include Vitamins A, C, E and other minerals.

Therefore, it is important to utilize the best antioxidant vitamins on the market. Generally the best antioxidant vitamins on the market are those that are manufactured organically and use natural substances. For example, some of the best antioxidant vitamins that are produced organically use ingredients that are extracted from natural products such as the antioxidant properties found in the wild rose or rose buds.