Fighting The Free Radicals: Antioxidant Multi Vitamin

A part of the normal metabolism process within the human body is the generation of destructive pollutants and toxins. These pollutants and toxins can be similar to the emissions given off by any fuel burning processes.

For example, when the fuel such as gas is burned by a combustion engine, it creates sufficient energy for the movement of the vehicle. However, emissions, known as carbon monoxide, are released into the atmosphere. Similar is the process involved when food is burned for fuel and converted into energy that provides energy for the body. The subsequent waste that is released is known as free radicals.

Subsequently, it is important to know how to defuse these oxidants that are released into the body. Therefore, the antioxidant process sometimes needs to be enhanced within the human body.

One such way that this antioxidant process can be enhanced is through the use of antioxidant multi vitamins. For that reason, it is important to know what antioxidant multi vitamins are, their purpose and precautions associated with be use of antioxidant multi vitamins.

What Are Antioxidant Multi Vitamins?

Antioxidant multi vitamins are supplements that are taken by individuals which contain specific vitamins known to fight and protect against free radicals found within the body. Generally antioxidant multi vitamins consist of Vitamins A, E and C along with other minerals needed for the health of the human body. Specifically those other minerals could include zinc and selenium.

In addition, antioxidant multi vitamins come in various forms so that they are easily ingested as well as the ease of absorption into the body is optimized. Those particular forms can include tablets, capsules and liquid form.

The Purpose of Antioxidant Multi Vitamins

The purpose of antioxidant multi vitamins is to ensure that the individual enhances or strengthens the body’s ability to fight off free radicals. Free radicals are created through the oxidation process accomplished within the body. These free radicals, once they have been produced, attack other molecules in the body.

Generally this attack is through the taking of electrons from other molecules. This process, in turn, damages those attacked molecules which can lead to various types of diseases. Those various types of diseases can include cancer, disease of the liver, disease of the heart, etc.


There are a few precautions associated with the use of antioxidant multi vitamins. First of all, it is important to utilize the best antioxidant vitamins available on the market. This will help to ensure that the consumer receives the proper quality, strength and ingredients that typically comprise a quality product.

In addition, it is important to follow the instructions relating to the use of this product. This will insure the effectiveness of the antioxidant strategy and maximize its intended use.