Creating A Homemade Antioxidant Formula

Antioxidant supplements that contain a combination of different antioxidants are now sold in many drug stores and health food stores. The popularity of these antioxidant formulas lies with the increasing research and evidence of the benefits of antioxidants. Specifically there is more evidence that proves combining antioxidants has many health benefits.

So if supplements containing multiple antioxidants are beneficial, is it possible to produce a homemade antioxidant formula? Is a homemade antioxidant formula simply a matter of combining different types of foods to reach a healthy balance?

Dietary Drawbacks

The best way to achieve a homemade antioxidant formula is to start combining different kinds of foods in every meal. However while it is definitely a good idea to consume foods that contain antioxidants on a regular basis, this is not the best antioxidant formula.

The reason for this is simple, it is impossible to get all the vitamins and minerals you need every day just from food. Including a healthy amount of different antioxidants in your daily diet requires a lot of meal planning and sometimes is simply not possible.

Even with the best meal planning and the best variety of antioxidants in your diet, you may still need to top up your diet with a supplement. However if you would still like to try your hand at a homemade antioxidant formula then keep in mind that vitamins C and E when combined with beta carotenes are a powerful combination.

Kitchen Experiments

Breakfast is an ideal time to get your antioxidants. Have a papaya for vitamin E and vitamin C; you can also add guavas and pink grapefruit to the mix for some beta carotene. At lunch a half cup of cooked broccoli will give you vitamin E, some chicken or fish for selenium, and an orange for vitamin C and beta carotene will give you a good balance of antioxidants.

Finally to end the day you can have some beef to give you selenium, asparagus for vitamin E, some red peppers for vitamin C, and maybe a peach for beta carotene will help to combine your daily dose of antioxidants. These sample meal plans are just a few of the endless possibilities that exist for your homemade antioxidant formula.

Learning about the different antioxidants and the foods that contain them will help you come up with more ideas as to how you can incorporate antioxidants into your daily diet. However for the best balance of antioxidants it is recommended you take a supplement with your daily diet of antioxidant rich foods.