A Guide to Natural Vitamins and Antioxidants

We all know that our bodies require wide range of nutrients for its general functions and good health. It is very easy to prevent the nutritional deficiencies as even the mild deficiencies can cause irreparable damage. Protein deprivation in kids can result in some degree of mental retardation. To ensure the overall well-being of the entire family, it is important to go for regular medical check-ups.
Our body needs natural vitamins and antioxidants to handle wide range of hydroxyl free radicals. Some of the best sources of natural vitamins and antioxidants are fruits, vegetables, legumes, dry fruits, nuts and seeds, spices and cereals. When it comes to antioxidant properties, all foods are not equal, and some are better than others. As per USDA recommendations, red beans, wild blueberry, red kidney beans, pinto beans, blueberry, cranberry, artichoke, blackberry, prunes, raspberries, strawberries, red apples, Granny Smith apples, pecan, sweet cherry, black plum, Russet potato, black beans, plum and gala apples have been listed as the top 20 antioxidant foods.
Natural vitamins and antioxidants support circulatory and respiratory system and skin health, and fight the free radicals to promote good health. Natural vitamins and antioxidants prevent the oxidation of other chemicals in the body. Oxidation does the irreversible damage to body cells, and leaves the body vulnerable to cancer, aging, arthritis and cardiovascular diseases. Natural vitamins and antioxidants support the function of immune system, and act as anti-fungal, anti-yeast, anti-inhibitors, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and parasite inhibitors.
Natural vitamins and antioxidants reduce the age-related risk of vision loss, chances of developing breast cancer, prevent Preeclampsia, protect against cardiovascular disease, provide pain relief, reduce chemotherapy toxicity, delay the onset of Alzheimer’s disease, inhibit DNA damage, reduce asthma risk, reduce colitis injury and do not interfere with cancer radiation treatment.
Natural Vitamins and Antioxidants Examples
The antioxidant system of the body uses many minerals, vitamins, enzymes and amino acids to combat the damage caused by free radicals. Some of these include minerals zinc, selenium and manganese, vitamins A, B, C and E, Co-enzyme Q 10 and various amino acids such as L-Carnosine. Mixture of natural vitamins and antioxidants is much more effective than any of them individually to fight the free radical damage. They are also natural antioxidant cleansers and detox colon, body and liver.

You should get natural vitamins and antioxidants from natural food sources, and try to make these foods an integral part of your daily diet. You can try out new recipes, and prepare these foods using herbs and spices as per your taste. Before taking any natural vitamins and antioxidants pills, talk to your doctor as sometimes these pills can do more harm than good.